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Handcrafted Heritage Oak Toys
By Ted Cordner
"Reviving the popularity of wooden toys with a lineup of beautifully hand-crafted models!"
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Edward J. (Ted) Cordner left the halls of learning into his current unique woodworking craft. I decided to begin making wooden toys for my grandchildren as a hobby following my retirement. The products developed proved to be so innovative and of such high quality, my efforts quickly evolved into a one-man-company known as Tait Bay Toys. I believe there's a real revival of interest in the old wooden toys that were so popular back in the 1930's. Both kids and adults like the feel of wooden toys!

Art and Craft ShowToy designs are originals and are intended to be to scale as far as reasonably possible. All raw materials come from sawmills and are then dried for use. I strive for natural finishes in order to exhibit the beauty of the wood grains.  The development of unique new designs is an ongoing process where our grandchildren play a role in the creative endeavour--as young consultants. "Prototypes are tested on one or more of my grandchildren to get their reaction."

The construction of each toy starts out on paper, with each aspect of the design methodically sketched out. From the sketches, templates are made and jigs used in conjunction with woodworking tools to come up with the final products. As a result, toys show detail and features that, in some respects, makes them closer to being wooden models than simple toys. I want to make something that looks like the real thing!

Efforts are already paying off, earning entrance into juried shows such as the Buckhorn Craft Show and at the McLaughlin Art Gallery in Oshawa. As has been the case in other appearances all over Eastern Ontario, our wooden toys attracted a lot of attention.

Ted and Carole Cordner keep busy building beautifully hand-crafted wooden models! 

  • Straight Trucks
  • Highway Tractors
  • Tandem Trailers
  • Custom Truckers Rigs
"G" Scale
Steam Trains
scale 80:1

(pdf file)

  • Pet Beds - red oak
  • Cutting Boards - maple
  • Doll Cradles - red oak
  • Rolling Pins - maple


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